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Dan of reveals how he stores all of his markers for sale and explains the functions behind the closet and how it was built. Feel free to ask any questions and Dan will answer!

Info on the cabinet: Holds 50 guns plus an entire bottom ground level shelf for guns with cases. Lowes lightweight composite plastic kit cabinet is where it originated from; the partition walls are made of plywood mounted with metal rails to connect them to the plastic shelf itself. The cabinet goes together without any tools, but screws were needed to modify the shelves. Shelves are adjustable and a great space saver!

Info on Armory (provided by Dan): is a small business founded, owned and operated solely by Dan Westervelt (age 20). is the largest online retailer of used paintball products in the world, specializing primarily in used parts (Autococker, Intimidator, Shocker, etc) and used markers. The website has 450+ products listed on it. The company also has the 6th highest all-time feedback on under username FoidPoosening with over +840 feedback!

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