Justin “J-Rab” Rabackoff, pro paintball player for Edmonton Impact, hosts a clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa to better the skills of some of the players, in cooperation with the South African Regional Paintball League (SARPL).

Devon Stanton had a chance to interview J-Rab for us. Devon had this to say, “On a personal note, I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be taught by one of the worlds best players it was an incredible experience and I hope that I’m able to take my skill so the next level!”

We want to personally thank Devon Stanton, Paul Grobler of the SARPL, and Maximillian Jany from http://Pbforum.co.za for the questions.

Learn more about the South African Regional Paintball League (SARPL) at http://www.sarpl.co.za.