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Weekly paintball news video with info from around the world. Submit your paintball news here:

Weekly paintball news video show with info from around the world.

This weeks paintball show covers the all new PSP Pro Division’s Champions and Challengers Sub-Divisions, Planet Eclipse’s new Distortion Gloves and Pads, exclusive Russian Legion Mykel Kovar interview, and pro team roster changes San Antonio X-Factor picked up long time Ironmen player Scott Kemps. They also recently added rookie Demetrius Ninios. Edmonton Impact signed Dave “Beast” Bains. Impact has made the most waves this preseason with all of their acquisitions. They recently announced signing Greg Siewers and Justin Rabackoff. Upton 187 Crew signed Josh Pike and Nick Roberts to the team. Los Angeles Ironmen pick up Alex “Mouse” Goldman and Steven Pitts. This episode is hosted by Sqyire aka Justin. Closed-captioning provided for the hearing-impaired and for our International audience.

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