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Here is an offseason update and what 2013 will hold for me. Look for more updates through out the 2013 season.

PSP: I will be playing the 2013 season with Russian Legion.

DPL: I’ll play the whole season with GLORY SKULLS – Paintball-Team – Expect no Mercy after a successful 2012 season.

Millennium/Europe: London Defiance, I have been made a GI Sportz Paintball sponsored athlete using the Machine Paintball Vapor and GI gear in Europe and have put together an extremely talented team from the UK to carry the GI name and work our way from D1 upwards, our roster is:

Jason Wheeler (Russian Legion)
Jake Wheeler (Ex-London Defiance)
Chris Austin (Ex-London Shock PRO)
Alan Maker (Ex-London Tigers SPL)
Declan Whales (Ex-London Tigers SPL)
Chris Karseras (Ex-Dogs Amour SPL)
Jamie Rogan (Ex-London Defiance)
Ob Bull (Ex-London Defiance)
Nino Aie (Ex-Dogs Amour)

Staff: John Wheeler & Ian Hudson.

Project K: New videos, drills and training techniques being introduced to continue our work with the players currently on the project. Also, we will have company merchandise for sale as well as mini fields.

PbReligion: I will be working closely with these guys to kick start their lazer engraving and anno as well as all their new Project K gear.

I’ll also be working part time at LIPS (London International Paintball Supplies) to continue their amazing work in the industry and push their products and store that has such a important part in the countries community.

2013 is going to be one amazing year, watch this space for even more news.

In addition to my updates on Social Paintball, you can follow me at and