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Alex Fraige, San Diego Dynasty

Alex Fraige, San Diego Dynasty

GoldHammer! New cleats in town.. well not really in town, but in Europe. Finland to be exact. These cleats are solely designed for the serious paintball players and the name is macho cool. Players who demand the highest quality and the most durability from their cleats will want to take a look at these. They are made of lightweight material that is also very flexible, featuring a running shoe like torsion rigidity that supports your foot and gives lots of traction. The shoe has 104+9 spikes which make for optimal surface tension. These look very promising but that will have to await a formal testing and abuse tests. This now makes it four paintball cleat manufacturers worldwide: Exalt (Canada), HK Army (USA), Style Supply (Germany), and GoldHammer (Finland).

Sizes: 4.5 to 14 US


  • Laminated GH-logo
  • Limited edition white Joy Division logo
  • Ultra light weight
  • Running shoe characteristics
  • Hexagonal rubber spikes
  • 11mm heel
  • Breathable shell
  • Durable
  • Legal colors in all major series

Here are some product shots:

And their promo video:

To learn more visit: