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In every industry there are training seminars and conferences designed to help retailers maximize their knowledge, profitability, technology, advertising dollars, and customer service. But in any industry it is rare to get the chance to spend an entire eight hour day in a very small group setting with two industry lifers that are prepared and willing to share everything they’ve learned in their combined 50 years in the game. And that’s exactly what the Greg Hastings/John Amodea Field/Store Training Tour is all about.

There will be no trade show, no product show and tell, and no fancy dinner on this training tour. This is all about intensive, informative, hands-on training that’s never been offered in paintball before. Check out some of the topics that will be covered:

Technology: Ten Must Have Website Features, Lessons in Social Media, Protecting Your Online Identity (for free), The Value of QR Codes, Facebook Advertising and Marketing, Google Ad Words Lessons, What is Backlinking?, Ebay Trends and Monitoring, and Tying the Web/Facebook/Twitter Into One Easy Package.

Marketing: The 60-Second Promotional Video, Endemic Versus Non-Endemic Marketing, What is Viral Marketing?, Managing Email Newsletter Marketing, Writing a Press Release, and Marketing Locally.

Knowledge: What You can Learn From Other Action Sports Retailers, Retailer Surveys, Player Surveys, Pulling Information from the Web Via PDF Searches, Action Sports Retailer’s Resources, and Reaching the Millennials.

Profitability: Improving Your Margins By Understanding Maintained Markups, Value Added Versus Lower Prices, Why You Need To Reduce Markdowns, Diversifying and Choosing Products That Maximize Profits.

Customer Service: Creating a Better Game Experience for Your Customer, Customer Service Training for Your Employees and Keeping In Touch With Your Customers.

The above topics just barely scratch the surface of what we’ll be covering in this all day training session. Come join us as we look at the paintball field and store business in an entirely new way—a way that will motivate, educate and inspire you to new levels of success.

Our first Tour Stop is only a month away. For more information or to REGISTER, please visit
Dates & Locations
February 24: Orlando, FL – Greg Hastings Tour of Duty February 25-26 (Ocala, FL)

March 30: Los Angeles, CA – Greg Hastings Tour of Duty March 31-April 1

May 4: Portland, OR – Greg Hastings at the Supergame on May 5 –

May 11: Toronto, Canada – Greg Hastings Tour of Duty May 12-13, Toronto

June 8: Philadelphia, PA – Greg Hastings Tour of Duty June 9 at OXCC

August 17: Boston, MA – Greg Hastings Tour of Duty August 18 at Fox4 Paintball

Dallas area Training and TOD in negotiations, dates TBA

Teachers: John Amodea and Greg Hastings